"To live means to give of oneself." This statement, though contradictory, challenges us to conscious living and points to the deep need for self-sacrifice. We desire to make meaning out of our environment, work, and character and to improve on them. Very often, we want to be in control of everything around us, to be in possession of our existence and ultimately to hold the strings. Most of the time, people instinctively close up, finding it hard to surrender and let go. Monika Renz, theologian posits that the desire to have and possess leads us to bondage. We, the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis, are deeply convinced of the need to entrust ourselves unconditionally to God, who gives us everything, yet takes nothing from us. With compassionate hearts and open hands, we strive to meet our fellow human beings, share in their joy and pain, reach out to the needy and, together with them, encounter God.

Many impulses from the tradition of the church invite us to reawaken the body, the soul and the heart, and enliven them once again. We desire to practice that joyful surrendering that does not rob us of anything, but satisfies our infinite longing for healing, wholeness, love and God. Everything that slows us down, blocks us and may well be taken away. For instance, fear and self-doubt, power manipulation and control, despair and fatigue. Let us throw away all that torments us and walk with Jesus Christ on the path He has shown us - the path of pain and powerlessness - into the light and fullness towards God! Let us give new meaning to our lives again by leaving behind everything that hinders us from letting the resurrection, which God himself brings about in our hearts, happen in us. We are happy if you walk this path with us.
I wish you a fruitful lenten season and a joyful Easter.

Sr. Anna Elisabeth Rifeser



Generalate Roma
Suore Terziarie di San Francesco
Via San Giovanni della Croce, 33
00166 Roma

Tel.: +39 06 66 51 24 80



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