Dear Brothers and sisters, Peace and all Good!

Easter is a time of hope. The hope which enables us “to see that there is light despite all of the darkness”( Desmond Tutu). During these uncertain times, when we are weighed down by the ravages of the Covid -19 pandemic, wars and natural disasters, we are called to rise to the challenge and be beacons of hope, to trust that God is with us and knows our pain, to reflect in a more profound way on the passion of Christ which culminates in the resurrection. May we open our hearts and be filled with the joy Easter, and let the Easter light dispel the darkness and illumine our path so that we can be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

During these Covid times, let us walk alongside the disciples of Jesus, who, from the moment Jesus was arrested from Gethsemane till his crucifixion, were downhearted, devastated and broken. They had witnessed the torture and sufferings of Jesus and as the scriptures tells us “their dreams had been shattered.” In the midst of their fear and despondency, Jesus appeared to them, bringing them this message: “Peace be with you!” The resurrection of Jesus restored their hope and gave them the courage to bear witness to the fact that He was alive and that good will always triumph over evil. The empty tomb was the evidence. Their hope was once more restored and they went about giving testimony to the resurrection. We have all been affected during this time of the pandemic in one way or another. We have been forced by circumstances to put our plans on hold. We have experienced the “sweet and the sour.” (Maria Hueber). Easter brings us the message of hope and joy. The joy that the resurrected Christ can transform our lives radically in the same way he transformed the lives of the disciples. The pandemic has plunged the whole world into a kind of darkness, and fear. Like the disciples, humanity is overwhelmed by a situation beyond control, which has increased suffering, poverty, negativity, and an attitude of defeat and doubt. Nevertheless, let us be consoled by the fact that “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle”( St. Francis of Assisi)

Like the disciples, we too are called to bring the good news of hope and joy to those we encounter through our words and actions. In a world where people feel marginalized and discriminated against, we are called to give hope and consolation to them, to be present to all who are living in the fear of being infected by the virus, to console those who mourn their dead, to lend a hand to the sick, the poor, immigrants and refugees as well as those who are internally displaced by wars or natural disasters.

By attending to their spiritual and physical needs and bearing witness through simplicity and authenticity of life style, we foster peace and love, compassion and generosity, soften people’s hearts and bring the poor and needy closer to us. Thus, giving them the hope to live and to believe in God.



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