The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis of the Cameroon Province organized two Trauma Management Seminars, facilitated by Dr. Jerry Berson, a psychologist;

who has facilitated several of such sessions in and out of the country. The seminars were co-sponsored by the Religious Women of Wisconsin, USA. The seminars took place at La Verna Spiritual Centre January. The first from  17-21, 2021 and the second from March 19-21, 2021. The first was attended by thirty-two  Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, three Dominican Sisters, three Sisters of St. Ann, two Handmaid Sisters and two Diocesan Priests.  The second was attended by fifty-four  participants from  eight Congregations.

The main objective of the seminars was to help participants to journey deeper into themselves, identify traumatic incidents in their lives, the wounds which they have been carrying, and learn how to relate with those who are wounded and those who are grieving.

The following topics were discussed

The participants appreciated the session as well as the sponsors of the program for making it possible and giving them the unique privilege to attend.

Both seminars ended with social evening during which participants dressed colourfully, socialized and had a barbecue supper at the court yard of La Verna Spiritual Centre.

By Sr. Kathleen Shela 



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