The UISG grant for the prevention of Covid-19 was a very timely and laudable initiative. The 3.000 USD grant was immediately put to use by the Administrative Staff of the Mambu Bafut Health Complex. Under the supervision of the matron of the Health Centre, Sr. Geraldine Jik,  a sensitization campaign was launched to educate the masses on the Covid-19 preventive measures.

The funds were used to purchase and distribute  protective materials like face masks to those who could not afford them. Sanitary materials like soap for hand washing and hand sanitizers were bought and distributed. Due  to inadequate running water in the Health Centre, water is rationed. However, in order to encourage handwashing, water containers were purchased and placed at strategic positions in the Health Centre and village.

Free screening aimed at reducing the risk of infection was  also carried out. 269 people were tested and 222 were given free treatment. With these measures put in place, the first wave of the pandemic did not pose a danger to the community. However, the spread during the second wave is more alarming and life threatening due to the lack of an ambulance to evacuate patients to the Covid-19 Emergency Centres.

We are sincerely grateful to the International Union of Major Superiors for the grant which helped in preventing the spread of Covid-19 during the first wave.

We look forward to your donation.



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