322 since the start of the Congregation of the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis (TSSF) by Venerable Maria Hueber, the sisters felt the need to deepen their spiritual commitment to the legacy and spirituality of Maria Hueber by dedicating a whole year to her.


Born on May 22, 1653, in Brixen, South Tyrol in Italy. Maria Hueber from a very humble background grew up under very difficult and challenging circumstances. She never had any formal education but with the help of her mother, Anna Tapp, she received solid, life-oriented religious education. Growing up in the context where there was gross marginalization of the girl child, she was inspired to respond to the educational needs of girls.  With the encouragement of her Spiritual Director Fr. Isidor Kirnigl, Order of Friars Minor(OFM), and her first companion Regina Pfurner she began the community of the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis in the year 1700 and started the first school in South Tyrol for the free education of girls.

In response to the Mandate of the 2019 General Chapter to the TSSF General Leadership Team (GLT) “to seek ways of fostering devotions to Venerable Maria Hueber” (Instructions of the 2019 General Chapter), the Superior General, Reverend Sister. Theodosia Baki and her team officially announced a Year dedicated to her which was to run from May 22, 2021, to May 22, 2022, with the main objective of fostering her spirituality and revitalizing her charism, while seeking new ways of responding to the signs and needs of the time in the spirit of Maria Hueber.  


Sr. Maria Paula Unterkalmsteiner, Vicar General and coordinator of the activities for the Maria Hueber  Year called on the Provinces to organise various activities according to their contexts which will enable the sisters and collaborators to deepen the Spirituality of Maria Hueber.

The different provinces carried out different activities. Not limited to these activities, the Province of Brixen, from where the foundress hailed and the Province of Hall committed themselves to a deeper living of the legacy and spirituality by organising conferences on her life. The Provinces of Cameroon and Bolivia committed themselves to more charitable acts like education and the empowerment of the vulnerable as well as attending to the pastoral needs of the sick, Internally Displaced Persons, migrant and refugees. Besides, the Province of Cameroon also organised conferences which were of vital importance to the lay collaborators because they helped them to know more about Venerable Maria Huber and to deepen their commitment and desire to share in the TSSF mission and charism.

The week marking the end of the Maria Hueber Year was characterized by several spiritual activities. Most communities organized prayer sessions and Holy Masses in thanksgiving to God for the graces received during the year. Networks relationships were built in and out of the Congregation. It was an opportunity for sisters to meet and celebrate at various levels. It was also an opportunity to sensitize our collaborators, companions and friends on the charism and spirituality of  our foundress through the distribution of brochures and useful literature.

Besides, it was also an opportunity to transmit the legacy of the congregation to the younger generation of Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis as well as to our collaborators, friends and Companions of the Tertiary of St. Francis.

Over the years, the Tertiary Sisters of St Francis, have grown more and more in the spirituality and mission of their Congregation. This year was therefore an opportune moment to remember this great woman, endowed with extraordinary heroic virtues. It was a historic and unique celebration because it involved all the sisters of the Congregation, the Companions of the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis, collaborators and friends. It was indeed an opportunity to leave the synodal process by engaging in dialogue and assertive listening. For 322 years, Maria Hueber's spirituality has remained alive in our congregation. In different parts of the world: in Europe, Africa and South America, the sisters are committed to responding to the needs of the people. It is our wish that the graces obtained during this year will enable the TSSF, CTSSF, their collaborators and friends to be more open to the will of God so that in the words of Maria Hueber: “the grace of the Holy Spirit may be with us and work greater things in us through us to His greater glory” (2nd Letter of Maria Hueber).

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