Prayer to Saint Francis for Healing
O holy Saint Francis, most joyful of all Saints, your love for God and His church made you worthy,
when on earth, to be the founder of your three orders. So filled with the love of God, your joy and hope caused others to follow your way in following Our Lord by living the Holy Gospel. I implore you , for the love of God, to obtain a healing cure for (name). As you kissed the leper, please kiss this illness and bring it to an end, not only for(name) but for all who suffer from it. O loving Saint Francis, whisper this petition to the baby Jesus in the Creche and to Jesusu on the San Damiano Cross. As He spoke to you, speak now to Jesus and the gratitude of my heart will be yours forever. Thank you Saint Francis.
Pray for us.
( By Teresa Ascione)

A child's Prayer
Francis and Clare
You showed God such love
Living humbly here
Living only for God
Hear now our prayer
That we might also love too
And live out our lives
Following Jesus like you
(Elisabeth Cornwell)

Prayer to Saint Clare
Clare, our sister and friend,
stir our fractured, fearful hearts
to embrace God's extravagant,
healing love.
Woman graced with wisdom and courage,
teach us to discern and create
opportunities for cooperation, challenge and compassion.
Clare, our companion and guide,
inspire our choices
to be healers and reconcilers,
trusted friends of God-
reverencing all creation,
respecting each other
(Sister Joyce Harris)

Blessed Clare
O blessed Clare,
you were a light in your day,
radiating joy and peace,
of knowing Jesus.
Be a light to us on our journey.
Gently lead us
to that deep and lasting
union with our Divine lover.
Help us to put our complete
trust in the One who loves us,
so that we, too, may pour out
our lives in service.
Gracious Clare, teach us
Your way of openness and
Gratitude to every gift of God.

Prayer of Penance
Lord, l pray for those with heavy crosses
who suffer for the sins of their parents
and for the sins of those born before them.
Open their eyes, Lord, so that they may see suffering
as the cross you have given them to bear.
May they be guided by your humility on the road to Calvary,
sharing the pain you bear for sinners throughout time
in this world and in purgatory,
so by your grace and their ultimate repentance
they may be with you in heaven.
Open their hearts, Lord, so, your love will assist them when the devil
Lies and tries to destroy trust in those they love.
Give them courage, Lord, to endure suffering and welcome it
so they do not protect themselves by closing their heart
to the love and wisdom of God.
Give them faith, Lord, in times when you withdraw
to test their strength and trust in you.
So they know that even in hell you are with them.
Illuminate their souls, Lord, so when you speak to them
they know it is you and not the wiles of the devil.
When you draw close may they know peace
and the comfort of your presence
Still loving you even when you withdraw again
and leave them to face the devil alone
If the devil destroys trust in their brothers and sisters
may they still see you in creation.
Knowing you are there in the beauty of a breeze
and the wonder of a bird in flight
in any tiny creatures and in the nature and in the mighty heavens
Where you reign forever and ever.
(By Eileen Wood)



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